Beautiful People

Are you ready Beautiful people!!!

The forces of light become more visible when darkness emerges!
Wisdom says that evil is stopped with preventive work where love and guidance are given to people affected by this mental illness and aggression.

Never feel weak in the face of evil but strong by the light and clairvoyance you possess!

Remember that the essential thing that separates us is neither gender or skin color, sexual orientations or religions.
But it is the color of our souls.
darkness or light!

We healthy people see each other as friends and this must not crackle with simple propaganda from the dark souls in this world.

Evil will one day eat itself in its zeal for power perfection.

Stay strong with the light for a sustainable and healthy world where man cherish and respect all lifeforms on mother earth.
Instead of consuming, condemning, destroying and finally annihilating!

Our nature and animal, clean water and air is the only possibility for a future for all kinds of life!

Since man cannot cope with the pacifications of power. Just see the humans history and the world today if you feel unsure!!!

Power must be divided into as many and small groups as possible, the opposite of a central perfection of power.
Just so we humans, you and me can control these dark forces.

Remember that darkness is dressed in white so its easy to get ” us ” to make us blind if we dont questioning the meaning of everything!!!

Its time to open your Beautiful eyes!

Jin and Yang are prerequisites we have in this world there
the balance between good and evil becomes the golden mean for a sustainable civilization.

It is only our own choices in life that can influence the direction and development. Our responsibility is not to consume but to care for mother earth, people, animals and nature.

Love peace understanding
Remember: Questions gives knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world


Its Time To Rock the world again!!!
Glitter and Blood: video


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