Fina Recensioner

Vi struntar i jantelagen den bara förtrycket oss alla.

Nu får vi njuta av lite positiv respons från utlandet!!!

Ytterligare en underbar recension 7,5 poäng av 10 denna gången från Tyskland ang vårt Album:

Its time to Rock the world again !



Här kommer en  översättning på Engelska:

From 1997 to 2007 he was bass player with Hammerfall and has recorded five albums during this time. But he is and was in many other bands and projects (e.g. Shadowside, Jorn, Revolution Renaissance). And if that wasn’t enough, he’s now also formed his own band (or is it a project?). On “Its Time To Rock The World Again” you can hear a mixture of new compositions and various covers. And he was able to inspire a large number of great guest musicians to produce the album (Tony Martin (ex. Black Sabbath), Janne Schaffer (ex. Abba) or Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain)). So reason enough to listen to the album.

Magnus_Rosen_Band_photocred_Torbjrn Lantz Jrgensen’s The World And Times doesn’t sound like his former band at all. Funky guitars and brass dominate. “Glitter And Blood” tends towards Metal / Hard Rock reminiscent of earlier Scorpions. On the other hand, “Something” is a Beatles cover and is very reminiscent of the four mushroom heads. With “Circus” it gets extremely trendy. Another cover is coming up with “Hearts On Fire”, this time by his former band Hammerfall. The instrumental piece “Terminator” is again funk-oriented. Here the master himself provides the somewhat unusual tones with his bass. “Paperplane” is a singer/songwriter style ballad. “Street Fighting Man” was penned by the Rolling Stones. Unlike the previous covers, it sounds a little less like the original. But it doesn’t have to be. “Sign Of The Time” is not a cover of the Harry Stiles tearjerker but an alternative rock song. Of course, a cover by his Swedish compatriots from Abba should not be missing. Magnus Rosén chose “The Winner Takes It All” for the album. Apart from the missing female vocals, it is based on the original here. You can find a lot of songs on the internet under the name “Dressed To Kill” (Kiss, Nazareth, Cher, Lita Ford, …). But although the sound sounds somehow familiar, it seems to be an original composition. And for me one of the highlights of the album. There’s also a mix of soul, R&B and blues to finish, with the Bill Withers cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”.

On “Its Time To Rock The World Again” you can hear a wide mix of styles. Magnus Rosén relies on diversity in both his own songs. The cover versions also come from many areas of rock and pop music. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is good or bad. Although there isn’t a bad song, I kind of miss the musical thread here.


Magnus Rosen – Bass

Mikael Erlandsson – keyboards

Zenny Gram – Voice

Fabio Buitvidas – drums

Raphael Mattos – Guitar


Janne Schaffer – Guitar

Tony Martin – Vocals

George Keczan – piano, keyboards

Chitral Somapala – vocals

Jonas Hansson – Guitar

Stefan Blomquist – keyboards, piano

Elsa Li Jones – Vocals

Eric Galdyanz – vocals

Ivan Martin’s – Vocals

Jorgen Alnevall – vocals

Label: X World

Release: April 21, 2023

Playing time: 48:34

Title list:

The World And Times

Glitter And Blood



Heart On Fire



Street Fighting Man

Sign Of The Time

The winner takes it all

Dressed To Kill

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Vår nya video: Sign of the Times


Glitter and Blood video:


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Albumet finns på Sound Pollution https://www.soundpollution.se/en/produkt/its-time-to-rock-the-world-again/


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