The Voice of Black Sabbath

Tony Martin – The Voice of Black Sabbath for 10 years

New releases with a Black Sabbath box!
Tony Iommi & Tony Martin

Im so happy for Tony! This album,s been gone from the music shops many years now!
But now they are back! 👉❤️🤘.

Your flag has been raised best Tony Martin

Just some connections:
I play on Tonys Martins last Album ” Thorns ”
Here my little fingers got to work, 😅!

As the world Burns

Black Widow Angel


Make the world a better place
Love, p.e.a.c.e & Understanding
Questions0 give knowledge
Free s.p.e.e.c.h gives a F.r.e.e World.
Peace starts with friendship

Jag är Ambassadör för RNS – Riksförbundet stationen: Ett Narkotikafritt Samhälle
Magnus Rosén – Ambassador for Green Cross
P.e.a.c.e on Mother Earth

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